Monday, March 9, 2015

Constantly In Awe

Three things in this natural world capture my interest for hours and ground me closer to this earth. They are: Water, Fire, and the moon.

I've loved how no matter where I am, the moon will follow me. That it will be there, most nights and days, for me to view. So large, so gentle, so far yet close at the same time. How awesome that it has so much force in our existing world.

So today, instead of think of how sad I am that the fraternity, SAE, is chanting things that should never leave any lips, I will think of the moon. How life is bigger than small minds that truly don't make a difference. That constants, like the moon, can help us gravitate toward more positive things in life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spastically Different!

I am a bit different...I understood that a long time ago, and am constantly reminded of this. Not that people always intend to hurt or judge, but be mindful of the dreams you may be crushing when someone isn't so much like you. 

I've heard I'm sorry a's a nice reminder that we are human and that forgiveness is way sweeter than the alternative. As I continue in my journey, I hope that even if you don't agree, that you can understand that my intentions are honest and pure. I will only do the same for you. 

Go forward spazes of the world, you will find your path :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

With Grace

We've been experiencing some family changes these last few months. Life has really been showing us the sad and realness that it contains. Sometimes it can be so kind and fun that we push these thoughts to the far corners of our minds...who needs to dwell on the sadness always.

My love has always had a hard time with emotions. Love, compassion, tenderness, sympathy, softness, sadness, pain....he has a hard time facing these and dealing with them. Sometimes I wish I could be his filter and help him get these things out; to process, to cleanse.

As we continue down this path we know won't turn as we wish, I will walk beside him quietly; give him a hand when he falls, and give him grace when his emotions get too much.

Life had us fooled...thinking we were on the winning end. Funny thing about life is, there really is no winning or just is. Our every day matters. Our time matters. So these things I will give him while we walk this journey together.